January 4, 2007

Now that the Holidays are over…

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I didn’t overindulge this Christmas season. I got through Thanksgiving just fine and I managed to get through all the festivities (and there were plenty) during the winter break.

But the scale is screaming for me to get off as soon as I step on!

Actually, it isn’t that bad. But for the first time, this year I packed up my remaining baked goods and because I cannot throw anything away, I put them in a baggie and froze them!  Normally, I will consume them with my morning cup of coffee, but this year, I am not willing to pack on the pounds just not to see the pastries go to waste! So I stored them and I will take them out when it is my daughter’s birthday! And we will see how well they last! If they taste just as good in March as they did in December, perhaps next year I could start my baking in September and give most of them away as gifts. (NOTE: I tend to bake at the last minute and only have them available for Christmas Eve and later – leaving no time to give away before the actual Holiday.)


November 27, 2006

Gobble Gobble…

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Well, Thanksgiving came and went. When I went to Weight Watcher’s meetings I would dread hearing from the whiners about the upcoming holidays and what they should do about all the food they will be faced with.

Blah Blah Blah….just don’t eat it!

Hah – easier said than done – as I soon experienced. Before I was weight conscience I never gave it much thought – you know – how much I gained over the season and if I will lose it or not. But a few years ago, I noticed I gained and I didn’t lose it – and a few months went by and I gained some more. If it wasn’t the treats during the holidays it was the BBQ’s in the summer and pool side snacking that did me in. I couldn’t win!

But I got through Thanksgiving this year.

I had Turkey – but only a few slices…

I had turkey soup, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, stuffed mushrooms (2), cranberries, salad, and corn. Before the meal though, I had some antipasto (we’re Italian!) I promised myself I would only make a small plate and I did! BUT I added a few more pieces of cheese here and there! I wasn’t even hungry for the main meal but I had a taste of (almost) everything!

Of course we have the “pack your leftovers” routine after the meal. I was too stuffed to even think of it, but my mom wanted to clear up the dining room table and the kitchen, so I had to! First thing I packed was a stuffed artichoke (’cause I didn’t get to have any at the meal). I grabbed some turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and stuffed mushrooms and some left over antipasto salad. I became concerned about how much I must have gained so far!

Then the desserts came out. A member of our family mentioned we had one pie for each of us! That would be 11 pies my friends! I contributed with 4 that I made (that’s without a working stove!) I made an incredible Oreo Cream Pie that my family absolutely goes crazy for – so I made 2! Because just between my son and husband they can eat a pie by themselves. I also made a chocolate pudding pie and a pistachio pudding pie. There were more pies, such as caramel apple, coconut custard, pumpkin, and a cheesecake. There was a mini-sugar-free pie for my brother’s mother-in-law and I had made her individual sugar free pudding as well. There were 2 more but I can’t remember what they were!

I only had a sliver of cheesecake! I was too stuffed to eat anything else. No one had much dessert! So I packed some leftovers!

Now for my good news. The leftovers are gone, and I have not gained an ounce. That is right – last year I may have gained 5 pounds over the weekend, but not this year. Nothing!

But I still have to get through Christmas!

October 2, 2006

I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

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OK – the other day I was weighing myself – because that is what I do!

It was Saturday morning – I just got up so I had no contacts in my eyes. I stepped on the scale. HMM – I thought to myself. And I stepped off and then on again.

I took my shower, put my contacts on, then stepped on the scale. Hmphh – I again think.

I put my clothes on then step on the scale.

“Why the hell are you weighing yourself so many times this morning” comes the voice from the bed.

“Because”, I reply to my husband, “it registers a loss and I just wanted to make sure I saw it correctly!”

So woo-hoo – it is only ONE pound – but a loss is a loss!

Actually it reads 174 – so altogether it is 6 pounds in 10 weeks! or 4 pounds this week OR 1 pound in 6 weeks (remember my problem stalemating and then gaining!)

So I am happy – guess the walking is working. And my face looks thinner too, even though my mother declared that I have fat arms in front of the whole family the other day! Thanks mom! I am surprised my blood pressure was so low!

September 19, 2006

Did I Just Complete Week 9?

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What is wrong with me?

Why didn’t I post what I have been eating and doing for the past two weeks?

I know – the kids started a new school year and threw me all off.

Right now I have terrible cramps causing me to live off of Pamprin or Advil!

My sinuses are killing me – I note the correlation of lack of vitamins and congestion. Don’t ask – I just see a connection!

I am now dosing up on Sudafed PE and back to taking my vitamins.

I walked another 2.5 miles today, but did not eat anything as bad as a bag of chips – no matter how small they were! For breakfast I had a big bowl of Raisin Bran. I then had a bag of Cheese Nips crackers for a snack. Approximately at dinner-time, I enjoyed a peanut butter and fluff sandwich on 2 slices of white bread – OK so that wasn’t good. And finally, for dinner I had the remainder of stew that was left over from who knows when!

So now the big question, what do I weigh? It is after all Tuesday!

I gained somehow, some way – I am 178! (but it is that time of the month – where bloating and cramping prevail).

Stay tuned for my post on my mammo – that exciting first comes this Friday!

September 14, 2006

Oh Yeah – I Forgot!

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This week I weighed in at…

you guessed it…


September 5, 2006

Week 7 Weigh-In: I’ll Take It

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First, a little analogy:

Like the price of gas – it was too high a month ago, but today it’s more than acceptable even embraced! – sold!

OK – you need a clarification?

This morning I weigh 175 lbs.

Following is the breakdown week by week:

  1. 179
  2. 175
  3. 175
  4. 175 -( 
  5. 176
  6. 177
  7. 175 🙂 see what I mean!

August 29, 2006

Weigh-In for Week 6: I’d Rather Not Say!

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Forget drum rolls,

Forget history,

Forget everything

My number is: 177

The kids start school in a week.

At that time, I will go in for my blood work and all my doctor appointments have been scheduled for September – let the fun begin.

I really haven’t been good with watching what I eat, so I didn’t expect a weight loss – but other than the wedding – I don’t think I overdid it.

Although, I do believe nuts are fattening! Gotta stay away from the nuts (family included! LOL)

August 22, 2006

Week 5: Weigh-In

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The joys of dieting!

Well I don’t think I really did well these past few weeks. 

My schedule was all crazy with my kitchen renovations.

Then this past week I forgot I was PMS-ing! Can you imagine! I forgot it was that time!

I guess this happened because I was taking Advil for my back pain, I didn’t notice the cramping that was going on too.  I also wanted to inhale everything in sight and I couldn’t imagine why – I thought it was stress – but no my friends, it was the calendar and hormones and the like!

So what you are really waiting to hear is “how did I do?”

Drum roll…ah forget the damn roll – I gained a pound!

I am now 176

August 15, 2006

Stale-mate: Week 4 weigh-in

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I started at 180

I went down to 179

Then I dropped 4 more to 175

I stayed at 175

I am still at 175 😦

But at least I did not gain.

August 8, 2006

Week 3 Weigh-In

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I stayed the same – 175

This week = 0

Last week = 4

First week = 1

Total = 5

But my doctor said “good for you – 5 pounds is great!”

She’s pregnant – everything is wonderful to her!

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