August 19, 2006

Week 5 Saturday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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ACTIVITIES: Well my sister came by today to pick up the twins. Boy did the week go fast. I didn’t even do everything I wanted to do with them! The 4 of us may do something as a family tonight, but hubby is sleeping on the couch!

EXERCISE: woke up at 7:30 AM and soaked my legs in a warm bath, while stretching! That is talent!


  • POPS cereal – finished box – one full bowl (overflowing)
  • fat free milk


SNACKS: apricots, pretzels, watermelon, last Treasure, nectarine, handful of nuts


  • 1 pork chop with seasoning
  • 1/2 cup orzo with spinach
  • crystal lite drink

DESSERT: fudge brownie ice-cream – while playing Spat with the family!



SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM NIGHT BEFORE: had to sleep in my daughter’s bed – not comfy – long story. Woke up a few times because my niece cried out. Some back pain and about 3 abrupt wake-ups due to breathing problems. Woke up early and got day started because it was too uncomfortable to lie in bed – back was too bad.

OTHER: backache


  • 2 Advil at 8:00 AM
  • 2 sprays in each nostril of Nasacort
  • 2 Advil at 11:30 PM – partly because my back hurts somewhat and partly just to sleep through the night without waking up with anticipated pain – it hurts or I know it will within a few hours. The first set of pills worked all day.

August 18, 2006

Week 5 – Friday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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ACTIVITIES: I still have my twin 6 year old niece and nephew visiting me. Their last day, they get picked up tomorrow. Not much excitement planned for today.

EXERCISE: morning stretching

BREAKFAST: 2 waffles with syrup

LUNCH: none

SNACKS: rice crispy treat – tiny X 3, pretzels, cheese doodles – all things good for you! apricots, water

DINNER: round sausage, mashed potatoes, cauliflower



SINUS: congestion – finally took prescription nasal spray. I need to take 2 sprays each nostril per day. We shall see if this clears me out.

SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM NIGHT BEFORE: Some breathing problems, had disturbing dream with all dead relatives! (I am not ready!) Back aching too much so I ran some water in the tub and soaked my legs for a bit, fell asleep in tub, then got out and went back to bed.

OTHER: leg tightness and back pain


  • Advil
  • nasal spray
  • vitamins

August 15, 2006

Week 5 Tuesday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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ACTIVITIES: I have my twin 6 year old niece and nephew visiting me. My daughter will be at a birthday party – they will watch a marathon of movies (it is raining). In the evening, my kids will be going to a local baseball game – and the twins and I will do crafts!

EXERCISE: I did morning stretching


  • 3 average size thin pancakes with some syrup. I made pancakes for my niece and nephew – naturally my kids and husband too!
  • blueberry tea – naturally decaf (I am so drowsy with the lack of caffeine in my system)

LUNCH: 1/2 slice small pepperoni pizza

SNACKS: grapes, crackers and cheese and pepperoni, chips

DINNER: 3 small spareribs with some roast pork fried rice

DESSERT: I was bad – especially since I didn’t lose weight for the past 2 weeks being good, I decided what did it hurt to have sour cream and onion potato chips and pretzels and dip! I felt disgusting afterward – so I don’t think I will engorge again any time soon.


SINUS: intense pressure – should have submitted that prescription but I just cannot stand CVS.

SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM NIGHT BEFORE: It’s ironic – you know! The first night in a long time I fall asleep with no problem at all, I get awoken by my nephew crying – I get him back to sleep but my son gets up and starts to throw up.  I get back to bed around 2:30 AM to be awoken again this time by my niece hysterical crying. She gets soothed right away but my daughter is now awake and would like me to rub her back! I finally crawl back into bed at 4:30 whereby I ask my husband if I can finally get some rest – he shrugs, rolls over and pulls the covers over his head. Well at least he wasn’t going to bother me!

OTHER: I am so sore and tight it isn’t funny. Why I didn’t do my exercises is beyond me – I can’t believe how cruddy I feel. I feel the tightness in my hamstrings and it is pulling on my buttocks and straining my back.

August 1, 2006

3rd Week – Tuesday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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EXERCISE: stretched in the afternoon – did a sort of crunch style stretch – felt good – will try to continue and see if it does anything for my stomach – hardest part to lose my weight.

  • evening stretches


  • coffee with hazelnut cream (2 tsp?) – I just splash it in – I like coffee either black or dark
  • 4 ounce orange juice w/vitamins
  • I was not hungry and wasn’t in mood for anything in particular, so foolishly omitted any nutrition from my morning.

LUNCH: 2:00 6 ounce banana yogurt w/ granola (210 calories) – satisfied me – I am not hungry today – not sure why – perhaps it is too hot to eat.

SNACK: lots of water – nearly 100*

  • 3 chips of Buffalo Wing flavored potato chips – weird – had to taste

DINNER: BBQing chicken quarters and preparing rice pilaf.  Planning to eat at 4:30 so that my son digests his dinner before his 6:00 football practice.

  • 1 chicken quarter – leg and thigh
  • serving chicken and garlic flavored rice pilaf
  • salad (iceberg lettuce and onion) with ranch dressing
  • water

odd note: wasn’t hungry before I ate, but figured I should eat something.  Now I seem to be hungry – but not sure if I really am or not – I think I may have eaten a “trigger” food, because I am about a 6 or so on hunger scale.

DESSERT: I was looking forward to a small piece of pie, either blueberry or peach, but when it came time for dessert I wasn’t really in the mood! So instead I had about 10 potato chips (the buffalo wings kind!)

SINUS: woke up with a bit of stuffy nose, but fine as morning went on


SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: I spent an hour or so in my daughter’s room because she needed the company to go to sleep after watching “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”. I think she was afraid to close her eyes and see skeletons. I had the choking feeling in her room, had to cough to feel like I was getting enough in my airways

OTHER: woke up with excruciating lower back pain – not sure if it is intestinal or disc. I hate not being able to decipher the pain. I did not do my evening stretches – that may have had something to do with it.

ACTIVITIES: I plan to go out and dead-head my plants and weed my garden. My daughter has a game at 7 PM (XLD) – not sure what else we will do. All these activities will not burn calories for me unless I don my daughter’s goalie equipment and get in the game!