November 27, 2006

Gobble Gobble…

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Well, Thanksgiving came and went. When I went to Weight Watcher’s meetings I would dread hearing from the whiners about the upcoming holidays and what they should do about all the food they will be faced with.

Blah Blah Blah….just don’t eat it!

Hah – easier said than done – as I soon experienced. Before I was weight conscience I never gave it much thought – you know – how much I gained over the season and if I will lose it or not. But a few years ago, I noticed I gained and I didn’t lose it – and a few months went by and I gained some more. If it wasn’t the treats during the holidays it was the BBQ’s in the summer and pool side snacking that did me in. I couldn’t win!

But I got through Thanksgiving this year.

I had Turkey – but only a few slices…

I had turkey soup, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, stuffed mushrooms (2), cranberries, salad, and corn. Before the meal though, I had some antipasto (we’re Italian!) I promised myself I would only make a small plate and I did! BUT I added a few more pieces of cheese here and there! I wasn’t even hungry for the main meal but I had a taste of (almost) everything!

Of course we have the “pack your leftovers” routine after the meal. I was too stuffed to even think of it, but my mom wanted to clear up the dining room table and the kitchen, so I had to! First thing I packed was a stuffed artichoke (’cause I didn’t get to have any at the meal). I grabbed some turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and stuffed mushrooms and some left over antipasto salad. I became concerned about how much I must have gained so far!

Then the desserts came out. A member of our family mentioned we had one pie for each of us! That would be 11 pies my friends! I contributed with 4 that I made (that’s without a working stove!) I made an incredible Oreo Cream Pie that my family absolutely goes crazy for – so I made 2! Because just between my son and husband they can eat a pie by themselves. I also made a chocolate pudding pie and a pistachio pudding pie. There were more pies, such as caramel apple, coconut custard, pumpkin, and a cheesecake. There was a mini-sugar-free pie for my brother’s mother-in-law and I had made her individual sugar free pudding as well. There were 2 more but I can’t remember what they were!

I only had a sliver of cheesecake! I was too stuffed to eat anything else. No one had much dessert! So I packed some leftovers!

Now for my good news. The leftovers are gone, and I have not gained an ounce. That is right – last year I may have gained 5 pounds over the weekend, but not this year. Nothing!

But I still have to get through Christmas!


September 19, 2006

Did I Just Complete Week 9?

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What is wrong with me?

Why didn’t I post what I have been eating and doing for the past two weeks?

I know – the kids started a new school year and threw me all off.

Right now I have terrible cramps causing me to live off of Pamprin or Advil!

My sinuses are killing me – I note the correlation of lack of vitamins and congestion. Don’t ask – I just see a connection!

I am now dosing up on Sudafed PE and back to taking my vitamins.

I walked another 2.5 miles today, but did not eat anything as bad as a bag of chips – no matter how small they were! For breakfast I had a big bowl of Raisin Bran. I then had a bag of Cheese Nips crackers for a snack. Approximately at dinner-time, I enjoyed a peanut butter and fluff sandwich on 2 slices of white bread – OK so that wasn’t good. And finally, for dinner I had the remainder of stew that was left over from who knows when!

So now the big question, what do I weigh? It is after all Tuesday!

I gained somehow, some way – I am 178! (but it is that time of the month – where bloating and cramping prevail).

Stay tuned for my post on my mammo – that exciting first comes this Friday!

September 11, 2006

Week 8: Summary

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This is the first time I didn’t log everything I ate. Not only did I skip a day, I skipped the whole weekend.

I am disgusted once again.

I didn’t do too badly this weekend.

I don’t remember what I ate on Friday. It wasn’t obsessive. But I did go food shopping and for the most part I was good. I didn’t buy anything I didn’t need and it was mostly healthy food.

Except for the bag of Cheetos.

And pretzels – but they aren’t that bad.

I bought vegetables and fruit.

Saturday I went to my son’s scrimmage game and my in-laws bought me a bagel with cream-cheese. I really need to stay away from bagels, they are too fattening. I had a cup of coffee (regular) in the morning, but in the evening I had a slight problem sleeping.

After my son’s scrimmage, my daughter and I went supply shopping again for school.  We got home and I made pork chops on the grill. We had some mixed veggies on the side. We then went to a friend’s house for a birthday celebration. I stayed until 1 in the morning and I had 3 dixie cups of frozen lemonade (Mike’s hard lemonade). I had a slice of cake and delicious blondies (about 3). So I snacked a bit this weekend.

Sunday, I enjoyed my day at our local town fair. I did not set up a booth this year. Usually I display my Pampered Chef items, but I met a nice group of woman there last year that did the same. I contacted them and heard they reserved a booth again.  I declined – no sense having two booths of the same. Besides, I don’t have any of the new season products to display – yet.

My daughter had to cheer at a 1:30 game. She had to be there at 12:30 but I thought that was ridiculous and got her there at 1. It was a good thing I used common sense as the coaches hadn’t arrived until 5 minutes prior.  So we spent the morning browsing the stands – nice leisurely walk.  I went to the game and pulled her out early (3:30) because she was upset that she only spent 1/2 hour at the fair.

NOTE: She slept over her friend’s house and met us at the fair  She got there at 12 and only saw a few vendors. We left at 12:30 so she can change and get ready for the game. The game should have started at 1:30 but was delayed until 2:00. The girls were not doing much cheering, so it was basically a waste of our time. Therefore, I took her out and went back to the fair.

We did more walking around and we even walked home (approx. 1 mile).  I had a hot dog for dinner. I also had some chips (not much). I had 3 mint cookies before going to bed. I even had a midnight snack finishing 1/2 pork chop that was left over.  I had problems in the middle of the night, feelings of stopped heart-rate, etc. I did have a coffee Sunday morning as well. So I am realizing my problems truly lie with the caffeine intake.

So here I am Monday morning – my jeans are tight, my fingers are swollen and I am congested. I have no drive to do anything – really. I think I am PMS-ing but who really knows.

I have a gyno appt. tomorrow. I will get my daughter to school at 7:30 and go straight to the lab to get my blood drawn (finally). Then I have a 12:00 doctor appointment.  I am dreading that, because she always comments about my weight. Just give me my pap and shut up!

August 27, 2006

Week 6: Sunday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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ACTIVITIES: woke up late this morning – got in late last night from the wedding; pick my children up from father-in-law’s and heading to Staten Island for my great aunt’s 95th birthday celebration

EXERCISE: rather not say

BREAKFAST: Cheerios with fat free milk

LUNCH: 1/2  tuna sandwich on 12 grain bread

SNACKS: nuts

DINNER: not entirely sure! had a bit of this and that from my aunt’s buffet table. Not more than a plate full – plus one hotdog and roll

DESSERT: cake from Costco – small brownie, 2 cookies

HEADACHE: slight pain in right eye and temple

SINUS: yes, pressure



MEDICATIONS: cant find my nasacort, no vitamins

August 18, 2006

I’ve Been So Bad!

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As most of you, (my regular readers) may have noticed, I have not been blogging regularly.

As a result, I am just shoving food in my mouth and when I come to sit at the computer, I actually forget all that I consumed.  It has been a lot. 

What could it be?





Fuel to fend off the pain?

I am not sure.

I do have my sister’s twins with me all week, but they have been good. My son was sick in the beginning of the week and I worried about him.

I have been trying to plan the perfect vacation (camp) for the little ones but that does not have me overwhelmed. And how can I be bored! – Seriously!

We have been eating late each night, not good for the kids or for me either. They have been going to bed late and waking up late and getting the days started late, etc.  Take tonight for instance – it is 8:23 PM the 3 kids are with my husband at my son’s football practice. It is his turn (carpool) to drive the boys  home. So he decided to take my daughter and the twins and spend a few hours at the field playing with them while watching my son’s workout. It gave me a few hours to myself. I straightened out and prepared dinner – yup prepared – we didn’t eat yet!

Well, I bought all snacks and goodies for the kids to enjoy – hey it is a vacation! And Aunt Elaine is cool! So we had great nibbles at the park and the beach and while we watched Scooby Doo in Hawaii and Bratz Rock Angels!  But I ate too.  Alot.  Not good.

I will be happy if I do not post a weight gain this coming Tuesday. I will be happy to stay status quo, even though I have been doing a lot of walking. I have been doing a lot of eating as well.

So I think when the kids go to school, I will join Weight Watchers again.  My friend and I along with a friend of hers will go to the meetings.  We plan to walk everyday too.  It is always better to walk with others; it makes it more enjoyable and safer too.


We shall see.

I have a wedding next week – I REFUSE TO BUY A DRESS THAT I DON’T EVER WANT TO WEAR AGAIN – because it would be too big! I have to ravage through my closet and get serious!

August 9, 2006

Week 4 – Tuesday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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ACTIVITIES: more home improvement – I think I may stun my husband! I hope he doesn’t mind 🙂


  •  Did my morning stretches for 10 counts of 10 


  • nothing 

LUNCH: was at doctors during lunchtime – had nothing

SNACK: had a granola bar and a bite of raspberry square


  • 3 slices whole wheat bread – 15 grams of fiber
  • roast beef, ham and turkey
  • swiss cheese
  • smear of mayo
  • water

DESSERT: I  had some decaf tea – and a slice of apple pie

SINUS: congested in ears

HEADACHE: stress during the day


OTHER: back pain like you cannot believe – actually is more tightness than pain – very stiff.



I am extremely tired.

I posted this very late it is actually Wednesday!

I went to the doctors and I will post all about that very soon.

I think I am going for some R & R and take my daughter to the beach!

August 7, 2006

I am Getting Discouraged

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Here I am on the brink of week 4.

I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow – so I should just wait and see.

I don’t think I did too bad this week and I refrained from putting anything in my mouth! You see, before this blog, I would think nothing of eating. Anything and everything. Seriously – that is if it is edible!

I catch myself going for food even when I am not hungry and then I think – I have to put this in my journal. Am I really hungry? No – then don’t eat it.  If the answer is yes, I re-evaluate and think what is better to eat.

So why I ask – WHY? am I registering a weight GAIN? I mean this is ridiculous.  I don’t think I overdid it on Friday – even if I said I did.  I didn’t eat in between – and if I did – it was only a couple of grapes and some cantaloupe – food that is good for you.  Could 1 1/2 slices of pizza do me in?

And then Saturday – I  mean I wasn’t a glutton – I could have easily gone crazy!  But Sunday night – I was back at square one. This morning I am registering 2 pounds more than last week – so I lost the 3 overnight!

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day – but at best I would have stayed status-quo. I am so discouraged.

Yes, I am an emotional eater – so last night I said “expletive” and finished off the bag of Chex Mix, had a bit of apple turnover and drank some water. Stupid – of course.

Now this morning when I should be eating breakfast – I am not the least bit hungry but I should eat something – I am so confused! 😦

Not to mention – my back is killing me – lower right side – pinching my nerve! AGGGHHHH

July 30, 2006

I know I am an emotional eater!

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OK – That really didn’t make me feel any better since I just typed it and didn’t actually scream it out loud.

I am so aggravated – I can’t even put into words how I feel.

My kids are fighting like cats and dogs.  I only have two but they can really get under your skin.  It is my son’s first day back from camp! And already they are at it.

I did some screaming and yelling – things I swore before becoming a mom I would never do. I would speak calmly and rationally and tell them they need to settle down – BULL SH[T!

I went off on them.  They are now walking around like someone died. I am frustrated beyond belief. They have been sanctioned to their rooms and they are required to work on their own until I can see floor!

My husband says that I should beat them! We had decided we would spank our children but not beat them or do further physical punishments. But, I just threatened pouring a bottle of soap down my lovely 11 year old daughter’s throat if her attitude did not stop!

My husband would never lift a hand to them.  I am not a person who believes a child should not be spanked – I believe some should be severely beaten (oohh the political incorrectness this post possesses). I do not think disciplining a child is abuse.  Going off on them and leaving marks, scars and bruises, whether physical or emotional is abuse.  A smack on their a$$ or grabbing of the arm is not bad.  I will not get into whether or not it works – it does for me and that is all that matters. I feel a lot better – especially if I finish off with a bag of Doritos!

All kidding aside. I am not hungry, I am actually a 7 on the hunger scale, but sitting at the kitchen table trying to regain my composure, I almost automatically got up to rummage through the pantry and refrigerator to put something in my mouth.  I would have stuffed my mouth until I calmed down.  But instead – I sat at the table, got sick of the idea that crossed my mind and took a few deep breaths. I have a cup of cold strawberry-kiwi lemonade and I took a sip of that instead. It tasted good and refreshing.

Now I must oversee the organizing that is supposed to be happening. But first I will lie down a bit  – as this whole episode got me completely exhausted.