A long history of how I came to be here.

OK so this is a play on words from my other blog name “Way2Much”!

I am 5′ 5 1/2″ tall 

Before I became a mom 14 years ago,  I weighed 140 pounds and I wanted to lose some weight – perhaps 10 lbs. I lost the weight but my clothes were not fitting.


I found out I was pregnant! I gained 50 pounds during that pregnancy! Well I consider it 40 but the doctor says otherwise! (I had lost the 10!)

After my son’s birth, I lost some of the weight but still felt fat and ugly.  I wanted to run again and get exercising.  I did some here and there – but no running. How could I with a little child and no one to watch him.  I did the best I could at the time.  I exercised with Denise Austin and others.  I hated that they said I was doing good! What did they know – they were on TV! and I was in my living room with my son jumping on top of me, climbing on my step with me. I kept tripping over him!

I gave up! (stupid)

Two years later I get pregnant again and vowed not to gain as much weight.  I still weighed 20 pounds more than I should. I gained 30 pounds – I thought that was great, my doctor was horrified!

I have my daughter and lose all my weight. But I slowly gain. Little by little.

I join Weight Watchers and when my daughter is 6, I take a kick-boxing class.  I love it.  I am losing weight, I look and feel good, life is wonderful.  Until that is, I herniate 2 discs.  I basically lose one year of my life.  I am in pain, I do physical therapy, etc. But I can no longer exercise the way I am used to.

I do however, get back to Weight Watchers and achieve my target weight 144!  I stayed there for one week!  I am a life time member, however, if I am 2 pounds over  my target weight I have to pay for the weekly session (which would otherwise be free).  So, being as cheap and embarrassed as I was, I decide to lose the 5 pounds and then go back.

Well needless to say that 5 turned to 10 and 15 to 20 and here I am 30 pounds or so heavier.  

I seem to gain weight uncontrollably. My mother thinks I may have a thyroid problem.

So here I am now.

July 18, 2006 – I put it off long enough. I must count my calories and do what I can to shed this weight that is depressing me and causing me to feel unhealthy.  I don’t care so much as to how I look – because honestly, I don’t think it is too bad – but it is not what I used to look like! It is how I feel, how out of breath I become doing the little things.

This is a blog strictly documenting my struggles with losing weight.

I will document what I eat, how I exercise and how I feel.

I need to do something to hold me accountable.

Here’s to my Hell-th! and to your health! 


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