January 4, 2007

Now that the Holidays are over…

Posted in Food, weight at 5:14 pm by way2much

I didn’t overindulge this Christmas season. I got through Thanksgiving just fine and I managed to get through all the festivities (and there were plenty) during the winter break.

But the scale is screaming for me to get off as soon as I step on!

Actually, it isn’t that bad. But for the first time, this year I packed up my remaining baked goods and because I cannot throw anything away, I put them in a baggie and froze them!  Normally, I will consume them with my morning cup of coffee, but this year, I am not willing to pack on the pounds just not to see the pastries go to waste! So I stored them and I will take them out when it is my daughter’s birthday! And we will see how well they last! If they taste just as good in March as they did in December, perhaps next year I could start my baking in September and give most of them away as gifts. (NOTE: I tend to bake at the last minute and only have them available for Christmas Eve and later – leaving no time to give away before the actual Holiday.)