November 18, 2006

Missing: Inches!

Posted in exercise, friendships, health, Updates at 12:35 am by way2much

I have not given up on my health.

It just seems like I have – what with no blogging about it and all!

I have been walking every day – approximately 3.8 miles a day to be exact! I usually walk 5 days a week – but there are some days I do miss.

I was getting discouraged. The scale still reads 175 – some days it is down to 172 but I would say my true weight is 175. That is frustrating! Why can’t I lose more than 5 pounds.

Then just the other day I decided to measure myself again. I measured myself back in July when I started this online journal. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I lost inches – actual inches! One each on my calf, thigh and upper arm! Two each on my hips, waist and chest! My clothes have been fitting better, but I really didn’t give it much thought.

So I will continue to walk for a number of reasons:

  1. I am no longer out of breath when I do my laundry – which is one flight down.
  2. My back feels much better than it has been in a while
  3. I enjoy the conversations I have with my friend as we stroll the neighborhood.
  4. It actually seems to be doing some good – weight-wise that is. I guess I gained muscle – which weighs more than fat therefore the scale only registers the 5 pound loss.

Hopefully I will continue to lose – inches and pounds! The winter months are coming and I still intend to walk! I bought new sneakers and all! I need to find an indoor activity as well though – just in case!



  1. Mike McBride said,

    Good for you! Isn’t that a great feeling when you actually see the results on your tape measure? That’s even better than losing pounds. Speaking of winter coming, I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy walking in the cold … even when the snow is high and I have to bring my knees almost to my chest to take a step. If I get sluggish during the day, I go out for a walk in the cold and I feel great when I get back. When I absolutely can’t go outdoors, I use a treadmill, but it’s not nearly as fun. Keep up the good work!

  2. DA said,

    Don’t give up… There’s a better way. I’ve been doing the Body’Fit program since July 15th 2007. I do the 15 minute exercise routine first thing in the morning before going to work – I also do some recreation ie. walking, biking & the Love To Eat Guide (available at the same site – I love to eat)… the resuls I’ve lost 25 pounds and it hasn’t come back. Try it, at –

  3. seaswell said,

    congrats on your progress!

    i had the same experience as you did – although i don’t lose much weight when i exercise, i gain muscle, lose inches, and fill with energy. my clothes fit better.


  4. doesemswork said,

    Don’t give up. You seem to be going well. I’m no expert but, my problem areas have been my tummy. I’ve found using the Slendertone belt and working out the key. I did’nt actuually measure my waist before and after but I noticed my clothes fit better.


  5. norasikinwahab said,

    woo.. i’m impressed.. great news for you. I think i should not give up .. but it is a matter of time.. I’m just able to spend my time at nearest gym once or twice a week. For how long? Mostly 1.5 hours on cardio and 40 mins weight lifting.. Too bad for me..

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