October 2, 2006

I Can’t Believe My Eyes!

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OK – the other day I was weighing myself – because that is what I do!

It was Saturday morning – I just got up so I had no contacts in my eyes. I stepped on the scale. HMM – I thought to myself. And I stepped off and then on again.

I took my shower, put my contacts on, then stepped on the scale. Hmphh – I again think.

I put my clothes on then step on the scale.

“Why the hell are you weighing yourself so many times this morning” comes the voice from the bed.

“Because”, I reply to my husband, “it registers a loss and I just wanted to make sure I saw it correctly!”

So woo-hoo – it is only ONE pound – but a loss is a loss!

Actually it reads 174 – so altogether it is 6 pounds in 10 weeks! or 4 pounds this week OR 1 pound in 6 weeks (remember my problem stalemating and then gaining!)

So I am happy – guess the walking is working. And my face looks thinner too, even though my mother declared that I have fat arms in front of the whole family the other day! Thanks mom! I am surprised my blood pressure was so low!