September 22, 2006

Walking in Circles!

Posted in exercise, friendships, My fellow dieters at 1:34 pm by way2much

Ever daydream about how you want to live your life, what you should look like, what type house you want to live in, how your family will interact with one another and others?

I do all the time.

I wish my husband was around more so that we can socialize with our friends and family more. I wish we had the beautiful house on the corner so that we can host our social gatherings.

I also wish I had the size 6 body that didn’t have to worry about what she put in her mouth at these social gatherings. Food and talk go hand in hand. You socialize, you eat. You talk, you drink. And then you gain weight!

So I am trying to do something about that. I am not succeeding but 9 weeks ago, I was gaining weight uncontrollably. Compared to that, I am doing an OK job in that I am staying status quo. But more needs to be done.

I started walking on Monday. For the 4 days, I went to my friends house and walked along her surrounding streets. We talked and had a great time. We also looked at other’s houses expressing our appreciation over their beauty or contempt over their lack of taste. We are so perfect – after all!

Today, she came by my mansion! (please note the sarcasm). I mapped out a 2.2 mile route after I dropped my daughter off at school. My friend came by after her two younger ones got on the bus. We started our walk and the homes around me just take your breath away!

We saw so many homes, we just oohed and ahhed and then of course we saw some that were huge and worth over a million easy in this area – and naturally we picked something apart about it! I even joked that I wouldn’t take that house if it was handed to me. (again note the sarcasm – I would snatch that thing up in a heartbeat!)

My point is that we decided to not only walk my route but take on other streets as well. We walked through cul-de-sacs and down dead end streets just to see the homes! It was very enjoyable and we ended up right back at my house (naturally) and walked along my property. Day dreaming out loud. Expressing what I want done. Expressing my agitation because it is NOT getting done.

We ended up in my kitchen chatting away. We talked about ovens (or lack of!) cooking and shared recipes, religion, evangelizing and our belief that we should tolerate and just lead by example, not by preaching. We laughed at our faults and supported each other when we felt bad for things we did.

All in one hour!

That is the beauty of friendship. We are trying to lose weight together, we (figuratively) lie on each other’s couches for a therapy session discussing our husbands and our kids, even our parents and siblings and their families. Nothing is sacred!

So I may have walked 5 miles today – hmm realistically 4. But it wasn’t just the exercising that was so rewarding. It was the whole experience together. My hope is that life doesn’t get in the way this time. I hope to continue to walk and to continue this new friendship with someone who is so similar to myself. I’ve known her for years, our daughters have been friends, but it’s just recently that we took the time to get together as friends ourselves.

Sometimes that is all you need – another person to validate your feelings, one who understands you and knows where you are coming from. Because you know, sometimes, your own husband just doesn’t get you!


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