September 19, 2006

Did I Just Complete Week 9?

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What is wrong with me?

Why didn’t I post what I have been eating and doing for the past two weeks?

I know – the kids started a new school year and threw me all off.

Right now I have terrible cramps causing me to live off of Pamprin or Advil!

My sinuses are killing me – I note the correlation of lack of vitamins and congestion. Don’t ask – I just see a connection!

I am now dosing up on Sudafed PE and back to taking my vitamins.

I walked another 2.5 miles today, but did not eat anything as bad as a bag of chips – no matter how small they were! For breakfast I had a big bowl of Raisin Bran. I then had a bag of Cheese Nips crackers for a snack. Approximately at dinner-time, I enjoyed a peanut butter and fluff sandwich on 2 slices of white bread – OK so that wasn’t good. And finally, for dinner I had the remainder of stew that was left over from who knows when!

So now the big question, what do I weigh? It is after all Tuesday!

I gained somehow, some way – I am 178! (but it is that time of the month – where bloating and cramping prevail).

Stay tuned for my post on my mammo – that exciting first comes this Friday!



  1. Dan said,

    I’ve actually started trying to lose weight actively myself by going to the gym at school. I was poking around the web the other day and came across

    Seems pretty decent so far, especially given that it’s a free service. You can look up foods and it’ll give you all of their nutritional information, even restaurant foods. I’ve only seriously beeing using it for about 18 hours so I can’t say that it’s great, but it seems nice, I’ve got a log of the food I’ve eaten and it gives you a grade on how good it is nutritionally. I know you have a family and all that so you may not have that much free time, but it may be worth a look if you do 🙂

  2. Terri said,

    Just found this site. Love it!! Hang in there.

    I don’t consider myself a dieter but I am currently changing my eating habits. I have the exercise thing down. It’s the eating thing that gets me in the end.

    On impulse I joined LA Weight Loss. It’s expensive but I have learned so much about myself. I am constantly under eating. I didn’t think so at the time. The well balanced eating is hard. Who would have thought eating proteins would be hard. I thought I ate too much protein.

    Anyway, my big problem is I am obsessed with cookies. I have my moments when I crave things but never like this. Crap I used to have some self sontrol now I have none! Want it-get it. See it-buy it. Crave it-drive miles to get it. It’s crazy. How I managed to lose 12 lbs since June is amazing.

    Just wanted to let you know I like the blog. If I can help in any way, let me know.

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