September 18, 2006

Walking, Roast Beef, Beach and Bees

Posted in exercise, Food at 3:43 pm by way2much

Today, I woke up tired. But I promised myself that I would go walking today.

So after my daughter was dropped off at school, I put my sneakers on, filled up a water bottle and walked out the door. After approximately 1 mile of walking, I meet up with my friend. She has her daughter’s flute in her hand. She needs to bring it to the school. We walk together and then we head back to my house – the long way.

I would say all in all I walked 2 – 3 miles. My friend needed to use my bathroom and we continued our conversation. We then decided to go to the beach as the last hoorah of the season – as it was beautiful out and we heard the weather was going to become more fall-like. I drive her home so she can shower and I came back to mine to straighten out.

I clean my bathroom and break my liquid soap dispenser. It took me a good hour to wipe up all the soap and get rid of all the suds! My bathroom is sparkling!

My friend comes by to pick me up and we stop at a deli to order a sandwich to take with us. I order a roast beef and swiss roll with mayo. I eye a bag of chips! I place it on the counter – I mean after all I did walk nearly 3 miles today! I could splurge.

I recognize a young man behind the counter and realize he is my son’s football coach. I ask my server if the other guy’s last name is “whatever”. He says yes and I said he is my son’s football coach. I joked around saying, “but I won’t say anything to him, my son would be mortified!” The guy laughs and we leave.

We get to the beach and immediately the sea gulls come around. Then we are surrounded by bees. I get more exercise by running around in circles trying to escape these little demons.

So the beach wasn’t enjoyable but we chatted about depression and therapy and all fun things! We left to go pick our daughters up from school. Now I am completely and utterly exhausted!

But I think I will go walking again tomorrow – that felt good!


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