September 1, 2006

Week 7: Friday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

Posted in exercise, Food, health, Meals/Activities at 4:57 pm by way2much

ACTIVITIES: going to run a Bingo to save myself $700 this year!

  • Dan had another scrimmage today! It was supposed to be Sat. morning but Ernesto is threatening the northeast, so they moved it up a day. I thought he did good on Wednesday – phew you should have seen him today! Did his mom proud – perhaps I will one day get my house on the water 😉

EXERCISE: walked up and down the aisles at the Bingo hall for 4 hours! Ahh who am I kidding, I held up the wall most of the time!

BREAKFAST: woke up in time to shower and get out of house, no time for nutrition 

LUNCH: eaten at 2:30 but I had breakfast food!

  • large bowl of Raisin Bran
  • fat free milk


  • 2 crackers with cheese
  • nachos and salsa

DINNER: getting pizza from !! 🙂 love that place

  • one slice regular
  • one slice chicken marsala

Dessert: chocolate donut – not worth it

  • bad chocolate donut – made me want more chocolate –
  • chocolate candly (bite size)
  • pita bread with a bit of butter

DRINKS: water


SINUS: not bad




  • vitamins

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