August 30, 2006

Week 7: Wednesday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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ACTIVITIES: My parents are coming for a visit – I think as i have not spoken to them since Sunday – but I do believe they will be here. I have my daughter’s open house today. My son has his first HS football scrimmage game. I am nervous – this is the big league. Don’t eat out of stress….don’t eat out of stress!

EXERCISE: nothing


  • Cheerios
  • 3 large Strawberries – sliced
  • fat free milk

LUNCH: none

SNACKS: my cravings have diminished somewhat so I am relieved! šŸ™‚

Had some Trail Mix – that stuff is addicting – at Dan’s game. He played pretty good and participated in a lot of plays – not bad for a Freshman!


  • boneless chicken breast marinated in Italian seasoning
  • baked potato with butter, salt and pepper
  • steamed broccoli
  • salad made with lettuce, celery, onion and tomato with Vinaigrette dressing

Dessert: blueberries and strawberries

DRINKS: water, glass of Blush wine

HEADACHE: sinus related – upper right eye

SINUS: so much pressure – I hate this weather

OTHER: neck kink – see below!

SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: I had no problems falling asleep but my neck is kinked because: You know those candy pillows or whatever… my daughter took my pillow and replaced it with a Double BubbleĀ oversized pillow and put my pillowcase over it.Ā (I wouldn’t haveĀ minded the Reese’s pillow – it was flatter!)Ā I was so tired last night I just dealt with it, but it was quite uncomfortable! šŸ™‚ gotta luv her!


  • nasacort – my sinuses are killing me today
  • vitamins

NOTE: I weighed myself because Yes, I am obsessed with it and was extremely pissed that I gained two pounds – but I dropped the 2 lbs. and that was after breakfast – so I am not doing as badly as I thought. It must have been the 10 or so martinis from the weekend and all the shrimp and lobster I ate during the cocktail hour!


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