August 30, 2006

Week 7: Thursday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

Posted in exercise, Food, health, Meals/Activities at 11:46 pm by way2much

ACTIVITIES: school shopping, guitar and cheering practices!

EXERCISE: morning stretches


  • 3/4 cups oatmeal with sliced strawberries
  • < handful of blueberries


SNACKS: Trail Mix – I really need to stop putting my hand in the bag and measure out a serving instead.


  • 2 – 12″ wraps – white flour
  • 1/2 chicken breast (left-over from last night – shredded)
  • lettuce and tomato
  • ranch dressing
  • 4 slices bacon

Dessert: I am so full from dinner – I shouldn’t have had a second wrap – but I wanted to finish the chicken – that was dumb – this is how I get myself into trouble. So no dessert for me – blechk!

DRINKS: water


SINUS: not bad


SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: not sure if it was the wine or the caffeine in my system but I had some problems.  Not a choking feeling but a sense of stopped breathing – like everything in my body stopped, but I was alert and aware of it. It happened twice and then I talked myself into relaxing and not worrying about it – must have worked because I fell asleep and I am awake now!


  • nasacort
  • vitamins

NOTE: It is very cool outside – a nice fall-type day


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