August 28, 2006

Week 6: Monday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

Posted in exercise, Food, health, Meals/Activities at 10:41 am by way2much

ACTIVITIES: I think I will clean my entire house today – not big – one story ranch. It is pouring outside – 2nd day in a row.  Tomorrow will be a mess too.  And it is the last week off before school begins 😦

EXERCISE: nothing

BREAKFAST: not really hungry but I should eat something before I become starved (10:40 AM)

  • bowl of Cheerios with 4 large fresh Strawberries sliced
  • fat free milk

LUNCH: nothing

SNACKS: 2:00 had some trail mix – I really shouldn’t be having nuts 😦

I am not being very disciplined – I had cheese, crackers and pepperoni around 5 PM – should have had dinner ready at that time.

DINNER: heated up a chicken burger for myself w/bun. My daughter had a homemade taco – son didn’t eat yet (practice) and neither did husband (work). I hate these schedules especially with my son at practice during dinner hours (5-8). (8:41 PM)


HEADACHE: pressure pain in upper right section of forehead (sinus related?)

SINUS: very stuffy – but able to breathe


OTHER: slight nerve pain on left side of lower back – unusual


  • found my nasacort!
  • vitamins with water

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