August 26, 2006

Week 6: Saturday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

Posted in exercise, Food, health, Meals/Activities at 3:21 pm by way2much

ACTIVITIES: Yeah it is Jenn and Rob’s wedding! Boo – I have to miss the Church wedding but will be there to party at the reception!

EXERCISE: hopefully some dancing – didn’t do any stretches though.

BREAKFAST: skipped – not by choice

LUNCH: Cheerios and fat free milk


Cocktail Hour!: boy where do I start!  I had a White Russian to start things out.  Then I had 1 blue martini and 1 green martini – and ate everything in sight! It was yummy! I had sushi for the first time – but it was just a California roll – so no raw fish.

DINNER: TBD I ordered the prime rib it came with mashed potato and string beans.  I ate most of everything.

DESSERT: wedding cake! and marshmallow and pineapple with fondue sauce, and ice cream with banana foster (didn’t like it) coffee just a few sips of decaf

HEADACHE: ache on side of temple again

SINUS: a bit congested

SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: not me but hubby had a bit too much to drink last night!


MEDICATIONS: just reminded myself that I forgot the nasacort and vitamins – too much going on today!

  • nasacort
  • vitamins with water

NOTE: I must have had at least 10 drinks that night! After the fruity martinis I switched to white chocolate martinis – they were outrageous, the white is creamy, the other choc. martinis are a bit bitter.  I did dance a lot, but I have no rhthym, but it didn’t matter because I was tipsy and I had fun! 😎


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