August 22, 2006

Week 6: Wednesday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

Posted in exercise, Food, health, Meals/Activities at 12:06 pm by way2much

oops a little ahead of myself – read on below: TBC (to be continued!)

ACTIVITIES: have to find a dress for my cousin’s wedding – I am not in the mood to go clothes shopping as I feel like a fat pig – and I didn’t lose much weight.



  • bowl of Cheerios (plain – funny how your taste changes – I like it much better than the Honey Nut kind)
  • fat free milk




  • chicken burger and bun
  • mashed potatoes

DESSERT: blueberry tea w/one tsp sugar and sliver of blueberry cheesecake

HEADACHE: slight pressure at right temple

SINUS: not really

SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: up late reading, but no problems falling asleep

OTHER: neck and shoulders hurt


  • vitamins
  • nasacort
  • Pamprin 😦
  • Advil for cramping

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