August 10, 2006

My first physical in 3 years!

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I had a 12:00 appointment with my nurse practitioner.  Someone should have told the office staff that because I didn’t enter the examining room until 12:25.

I hate sitting in the waiting room.

First they weighed me – I am 7 pounds heavier on their scale.  Made me feel good! 😦

Then she tested my oxygen level, took my blood pressure and temperature and was on her merry way to get the nurse. All vitals, I suppose were good.  I asked about my temperature since I tend to have a low one, but it was normal actually!

My blood pressure was 12?/7? which is normal – I peeked while she was writing it on my chart, so I was OK not knowing the exact numbers. I think my oxygen was 98.

The nurse practitioner comes in about 5 minutes later. She spots my daughter and comments on how beautiful she is.  We both blush and thank her, but she is harping on it!  We thank her some more – we find out she is pregnant with her 3rd child, her 1st girl.  OK we move on.

I tell her everything; I have a list!

I explain how I have all these symptoms regarding my thyroid. She responds by telling me that she checks for thyroid with every blood test and looks to see what my last results were.  She sees that I have not had one in 3 years! Time for more blood work! She tells me my numbers were good then but it doesn’t mean anything now as anything can change and she will look out for that.

I go on to discussing my heart condition and wonder what it is that I have.  She looks back in my chart and realizes I had the EKG about 4 years ago and the results stated I had PVC (no not like the pipes). This is normal for me. But at the end of my exam she has the office staff take another EKG. She had no personality whatsoever.  I tried to make small talk but she didn’t bite! The results were different from my previous one.  My NP says we should stop in and say “hello” to the cardiologist again to be on the safe side. (one referral).

I move on to gastrointerologist.  I discuss the diverticulitis thing. She recalls this and goes back to the chart.  Again she states that I had a colonoscopy in 1999 – 7 years ago – I tested positive for blood in my stool but the report mentions everything to be OK – no mention of this illness. She says it has been a while and we should go back and say “hello” to him again. (two referrals)

I tell her that I saw a dermatologist a few years ago about a light mole on my nose, which proved to be nothing but the doctor suggested I get a whole body check which I kindly refused at the time.  I told her that I am getting sun spots/age spots whatever you want to call them and I think I should get my skin checked.  She tells me the doctor I went to previously has moved and she recommends a female doctor in town. (three referrals)

She moves on to examine my breast and asks me when my last mammo was.  I told her I never had one; she is aghast!  She says “what are you? 34?” I say 36!  She says I should have had a base-line mammo at 35 whether I have history or not. She claims I have history in family since my grandmother got breast cancer in her 60s. My gynecologist says at that age you are bound to get some form of cancer and for my grandmother that was it, so she does not consider it history, but since my mother is cystic and so am I, my NP gives me a script for a mammo. I explain to her that I will be seeing my gyno next month, but she proceeds with a breast exam anyway and insists that she orders the mammo as she does not trust my other doctor to do so. At this point my daughter is horrified and afterwards tells me she saw too much of me! (four referrals)

I tell her that my sinuses seem clear but my ears hurt at times. She had checked me and she said I have congestion but no infection and suggests nose spray to clear out my sinuses. I explain my nasal passage is clear so why the spray.  She says that it won’t work for the first few days, but the nasal passage reaches all the way to the ear canal and that the spray will get to the clog and decongest it over time.  She was surprised the Alegra D didn’t work. I ask if I should wait until it is infected and as I was saying the words I realized how stupid they were! So I need to fill the prescription because I do NOT want to get so congested that it sits there and gets infected. Sometimes I can be so dumb!

So, I get dressed since my exam is over. She tells me I should be very proud of the 5 freaking pounds I lost! I go into her office and we review everything.

She hands me prescriptions for:

  1. mammography
  2. nasal spray

referrals for:

  1. cardiologist
  2. gastro-interologist
  3. dermatologist
  4. blood work for the lab
  5. optomologist – since I was in the office and remembered I had a floater in my eye. I told her I didn’t know if it was a stupid eyelash (as I only get it when I am wearing mascara) or if I have a scratch or whatever – so I am getting checked for that as well.

And that was my exam. I will post back as I get my results. I still did not call for appointments other than the mammo.  I can’t get in until Sept. 22! I am supposing the NP didn’t feel anything since she didn’t say anything. But you never know.

While I was in her office I asked her if she was sick who would she be comfortable seeing.  She blurted out the other NP’s name real fast. Then she said a doctor’s name followed by questioning my satisfaction with my primary doctor. I told her I was dissatisfied with him because I don’t think he takes me seriously and her face expressed understanding.  She said the doctor she stated was good.  But, if she is not available I will see the other NP as it doesn’t sound like she has much faith in the doctors there either.

But I love her! I am very happy with her!



  1. Dan said,

    Good luck with all of that, sounds like you’ve got your work cut out for you with doctors visits 🙂 About the sinuses: I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis back in ’97 and since then I’ve had pretty much constant pressure and drainage. A few months ago I heard about the new Sinuplasty surgery that opens up the tubes in the throat to ease drainage. Well, I went to an ear, nose and throat specialist and he put me on a couple medications that didn’t help so he did a CT scan right there in his office, apparently those machines have gotten microscopic. Well, the CT showed that I had absolutely nothing in my sinuses even though I feel pressure so his diagnosis was that the mucous membranes themselves are getting inflamed causing it to feel like I have sinus pressure and he told me what medication I could take to alleviate it. I absolutely despise taking medication unless I’m threatened with death or maiming so I opted to just live with the pressure. It’s not that bad, but at least I know why I have it now.

  2. Elaine said,

    I had a CT scan for my migraines and they found I had a deviated septum. My NP said if I ever wanted a nose-job it would be covered by my insurance because they can do 2 in 1, correct the deviated septum and do any other “adjustments”. I do not like to take medications and I certainly do not want to go have any “procedures” that aren’t necessary, especially surgery! So I passed, but I too was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, and she had prescribed something that worked wonders, but now it is coming back again!
    Not sure what it is with people around me being knife-crazy! She also suggested a breast reduction and that would be covered as well, since I have 2 herniated discs and it is causing me to have back problems! My mom thinks I should go for it – my husband says over his dead body! I would have it done in an instant but like I stated before, not unless it is absolutely life-threatening – no surgeries for me!

    I agree that I can live with something, as long as I know what is causing it.

  3. […] My mother-in-law called her friend whose son is a painter and who just finished painting their cabinets.  He suggested the paints to use.  I went shopping and we got to work. Monday we primed the cabinets. It took 2-3 coats to hide the brown. We ended late. Tuesday we started late again – close to 5 PM!  I had a doctor’s appointment at noon, so I couldn’t have started earlier. We also need to wait for my brother-in-law to come move the china cabinet and refrigerator so that we can paint.  He decided to stay and help out.  I cut in and he rolled the paint.  We chose Grecian Green for the walls. That was Tuesday. Here is what the walls look like: […]

  4. Elaine said,

    I just went to the GYN and she was stunned that I had an appointment for a mammography. She thinks these young doctors prescribe any procedure too fast. She thinks the radiation is unnecessary.
    I will get in more detail in another post – look for it!
    All I will say now is – I AM SO CONFUSED!

  5. Alice said,

    The yellow stuff in the blood vial is already in the vial before they take the blood. No worries – that wasn’t from you!

    Good luck with your weight loss – it is hard going.

  6. Elaine said,

    Thank you Alice,
    My mom works for a doctor and she told me the same thing. I guess I never noticed it before since I hate to look because it gets me queasy!
    I feel so much better!
    I think this week I will go register once again at weight watchers. It is the only thing that really go me going. First, I will call my doctor for the results of the tests. They should have them in by Monday, Tuesday the latest.

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