August 7, 2006

I am Getting Discouraged

Posted in eating habits, Food, Updates at 12:15 pm by way2much

Here I am on the brink of week 4.

I do have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow – so I should just wait and see.

I don’t think I did too bad this week and I refrained from putting anything in my mouth! You see, before this blog, I would think nothing of eating. Anything and everything. Seriously – that is if it is edible!

I catch myself going for food even when I am not hungry and then I think – I have to put this in my journal. Am I really hungry? No – then don’t eat it.  If the answer is yes, I re-evaluate and think what is better to eat.

So why I ask – WHY? am I registering a weight GAIN? I mean this is ridiculous.  I don’t think I overdid it on Friday – even if I said I did.  I didn’t eat in between – and if I did – it was only a couple of grapes and some cantaloupe – food that is good for you.  Could 1 1/2 slices of pizza do me in?

And then Saturday – I  mean I wasn’t a glutton – I could have easily gone crazy!  But Sunday night – I was back at square one. This morning I am registering 2 pounds more than last week – so I lost the 3 overnight!

Tomorrow is my official weigh-in day – but at best I would have stayed status-quo. I am so discouraged.

Yes, I am an emotional eater – so last night I said “expletive” and finished off the bag of Chex Mix, had a bit of apple turnover and drank some water. Stupid – of course.

Now this morning when I should be eating breakfast – I am not the least bit hungry but I should eat something – I am so confused! 😦

Not to mention – my back is killing me – lower right side – pinching my nerve! AGGGHHHH



  1. Dan said,

    Don’t get discouraged. My most successful weight loss was when I scheduled every meal and ate 5 or 6 times a day. I also walked 4 or 5 times a week and I dropped 20 pounds in about 2 months. I’m actually going to try and revive that routine. It involved cooking 2 large bonless/skinless chicken breasts and dipping them in ranch sauce (not even the low fat kind). I would drink an Atkins shake for breakfast, eat the 2 chicken breasts throughout the day along with something else, and then usually some sort of take out for dinner. I probably could’ve done better if I ate something other than take out. Keep it up, and keep your goals small and attainable and you’ll do alright 🙂

  2. Elaine said,

    Thanks Dan –
    I will let you know what the doctor says.
    I won’t give up – because I don’t want to gain any more either!
    Thanks for the concern! 🙂

  3. Christy said,

    I understand what you mean about being an emotional eater. I want to eat when I am sad or upset about something. Eating something you like makes you feel better about whatever has made you feel that way.

    I have really noticed it at week just recently. When I am stressed at work, or overwhelmed by it all, my answer is to go get a snack. I never noticed it til a month or so ago, when I was feeling a little overwhelmed and finding it hard to breathe, and some chocolate got me right out of that mode.

    I have been slacking since Saturday, and I have got to get back into the mode. It hasn’t been major but just little slides. Enough that I feel guilty.

    Sorry, I got off on myself there! I apologize!! I will do better next time I come by to be encouraging. I just saw your post title about being discouraged and know exactly how you feel.

  4. Elaine said,

    Feel free to go off on yourself here!
    I don’t want cheerleaders, although that would be nice at times! If someone reads and can relate I like hearing from them – it’s nice to know you are not alone out there – you know?
    Hang in there yourself. I kind of slid here myself this week. I am trying to paint my kitchen cabinets and walls. I haven’t given my menu much thought. Which leads me to “picking”.

  5. ~Kat #8 said,

    Alright, how many times do I have to tell you. STOP SKIPPING BREAKFAST! I’m family, so I’m allowed to yell at you! I noticed you don’t seem to be eating any vegetables or salad? Scheduling your meals is a good idea. Try eating every 2-3 hours. You shouldn’t let more than 4 hours go by without eating. I’ve learned a lot on the Nutrisystem program. I never ate salad before. Now I eat it with lunch and dinner. At dinner you can actually have a salad or a piece of fruit. Do you remember Grandma would always eat an apple after dinner? Smart lady! Listen, I know losing weight isn’t easy but you’re doing a great job! And I think you look great just the way you are. You know you carry your weight all in your boobs! Not a bad place! Your legs are great and you’ve never had a double chin! I hate my thunder thighs. Had to take after my father there!!! Keep doing what your doing and stay accountable. But don’t beat yourself up about bad eating decisions. We can’t be 100% all the time. If it makes you feel any better, I had a bowl of Reese’s Puff cereal for breakfast!!! Not Nutrisystem friendly at all! But Michaela loves them and I just couldn’t resist them this morning! They’re like doritos for you. I think I’m going to have to keep the box downstairs in my parents house from now on. They’re just too tempting!

  6. Elaine said,

    Stay accountable – boy am I failing this week!

    I go to the doctor and I drop everything from there – but I took my mother-in-law up on her offer to help me organize my house and one thing lead to another!
    I painted my cabinets white in the kitchen and painted my walls Grecian Green! It looks very Tuscany know. I bought a few accent pieces as well! All under $400 – for a new kitchen – well I still don’t have an oven! But hell – who needs one!

    I reorganized my living room as well – got rid of a lot of clutter – but DO NOT GO IN MY BEDROOM! The boys come home Saturday! I have only a few hours to work miracles in that room! 😉

  7. Heidi said,

    Elaine…and all of her lovely supporters…I am going to share a secret that I have only recently learned…Whatever You Think About, You Become.

    If you spend your time thinking How Terrible I Am…”I will never lose this weight! I will always be Fat!” “I can never stick to healthy eating habits!” then don’t be surprised if you never do lose the weight, or if it takes FOREVER to disappear….

    The secret is to begin to SEE yourself the way you want to be! See it in your mind every night and Say A Prayer of Thank You…Experience GRATITUDE to whatever you believe is Greater than you…whether it’s God or Buddha or Yahweh, Divine Spirit, The Universe…Experience Gratitude…Say Thank You for giving me this INCREDIBLE STRENGTH…Thank you for the JOY I have in my Life. Thank you for standing NEXT TO ME ALL DAY LONG! Say it out loud…throw your hands up like you want to have that feeling in you all day and EMBRACE YOURSELF….or not…maybe that makes you feel silly…but do it anyway. GRATITUDE is THE MAGIC KEY….for anything you want in your Life…

    Believe it and you will SEE IT…I promise you that! TRULY BELIEVE that you are letting that healthy, fit body into yours…Welcome Healthy and Fit! Be Grateful for it! Spend time every evening in a total feeling of Gratitude…You will be surprised at how good it can make you feel to be grateful for your body…Your Body has served you WELL…Your body has given you a GREAT vehicle to get around in….and you must PARTNER with your Body to become a Healthier You. Be Grateful to your body too!

    Thank those muscles for working! Thank those tendons for holding strong…I know it seems funny…it seems silly, at first…but if you think about it, a Prayer of Thanks always makes you feel at Peace, doesn’t it? To be Grateful Feels GOOD! That’s because it opens you up to CHANGE!

    LOVE yourself…Your body is your vehicle so….be Grateful to it as it has not failed you! Give it the Fuel it NEEDS to operate like a well-functioning and beautiful vehicle. You would not funnel dirty gasoline from an old barrel into your car, would you? Why would you do that to yourself by eating food that isn’t good for you? Sure…it may feel good emotionally, but think about it each time…Your car would sputter, cough and die if you did that…and your body is trying to tell you something similar.

    Okay, now I’m getting too long here, but one last thing…again…Picture What you Want…BELIEVE IT…REALLY and TRULY…find a picture of you from when you were JUST the Way You Want to Be…or Create the Image CRYSTAL CLEAR in your head…Your Legs, Your Stomach, Your Arms…picture each how you want them! HOLD that image in your mind! Keep it there! Believe it!!!! And BE GRATEFUL FOR IT BECAUSE YOU WILL BECOME WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT….I promise you!

    (btw…that includes emotions and consuming thoughts…if you think angry thoughts…you will remain angry. Sad thoughts? You guessed it!)

    WE become what we think about. We become our thoughts! So…Make SURE that your thoughts are what you WANT to become! and Thank God for helping you become it! (Or Divine Spirit or whatever you believe in…)

    Gratitude is the Magic Key….


  8. Elaine said,

    Thank you for stopping by.
    I appreciate your bit of advice.
    It all makes sense – my husband always says mind over matter. If you think it, you will feel it, it will happen.
    I am not good with that.
    But you are right, I should be very grateful for what I have.

    I am.

    But I don’t announce it often. I am not the shout out loud type person but I will take your advice and say a prayer of thanks each and every night thanking God for another wonderful day and each and every morning for getting another chance.

    Another thing my husband says is that I think too negatively about myself. I have to stop doing that and start seeing the good and stop focusing on my insecurities and learn to love my good qualities and let that shine instead. That is a major change for me – I am not a wishy-whiny person, but I tend to sell myself short too.

    Thanks again and feel free to comment anytime!

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