August 5, 2006

Week 3 – Saturday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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EXERCISE: I did no stretching whatsoever


  • bowl of Corn Flakes with Skim Milk (fat free)

LUNCH: At 2:30 I was starving – I would say a 2 on the “scale”. I thought about starving myself more since I may not do great with self control at the party – but I decided to be more mature than that! Besides I am still ticked off about gaining!

  • 2 slices whole wheat double fiber bread
  • 2 slices ham
  • 2 slices Swiss Cheese
  • smear of mayo
  • tomato
  • lettuce

It satisfied my hunger – but I must have eaten a trigger food because my taste-buds are not satisfied – could have been the olives from yesterday still in my system – they were salty and oily and ooh so good!

SNACK: I made rice crispy treats to bring to the BBQ/Block party.  I licked my finger! consisted of 4 crispies and some marshmallow! (was done preparing! I didn’t put that finger back in the bowl! – everybody breathe a sigh of relief!)

DINNER: Went to my friend’s house for her annual block party. I have no idea how much I ate – the food was all delicious. I was not a glutton though – as much as I would have loved to have stuffed my face – I just took tastes of what was there – not entirely sure if this is 100% accurate, but following is a sample:

  • chicken sate – 1
  • beef stick – 1
  • ham and pineapple kabob – 1 (small)
  • 4 small chicken wings (buffalo style)
  • 5-6 shrimp on the barbie – with spicy sauce – what a stinker to get the peel off! But well worth it!
  • cucumber salad – small portion
  • pulled pork – it was very good – it looked shredded – had no idea what it was called until another friend’s boyfriend told me!
  • 2 large bottles (single serve though) of colada drinks – one was blue – one was orange – have to find out what they were exactly because they were good – on idea of wine-coolers

I was extremely good – on the table was a huge bowl of Doritos! I did not take even one crumb – but honestly the thought was there, but I refrained!

Lobster came out – tons of lobster from the grill but I was too full to indulge. Jim – another friend’s spouse had too much, was looking forward to the lobster but had to decline as well – he must have been a 9 on the scale! I was a 7 – so I held back – although I wish I had a taste, but there was no one having any I would feel comfortable enough by saying, can I just have a bite! 😛

DESSERT: I sliced a chocolaty-chocolate cake in half – so I just took a sliver – this dessert buffet was at least 20 feet long! Here is what I got:

  • sliver of chocolate cake
  • cherries – had 2 – gave rest to friend – she is the one who wanted them
  • chunk of honeydew
  • 2 bite size ooey – gooey brownies
  • blondie type cookie bar – bite size as well

SINUS: no but congestion between nose and throat


SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: recall waking up with some problems – but too tired to recall exactly what they were – normal I guess, choking, needing a deeper breath, etc.

OTHER: tired – all day – attributed it to the trip I took to Staten Island – but not entirely sure if that is the reason.

ACTIVITIES: Taking my son to his football performance test – a team challenge consisting of 40 yard dash, pro shuttle, vertical jump and bench press – should be interesting. He is going to have his haircut afterward and I will possibly drive him to my mother-in-law’s for him to help her out there. My daughter and I plan to go to friend’s house for block party. (More food temptations.)


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