August 3, 2006

Which Doctor?

Posted in doctors, health at 12:10 am by way2much

Today I called my doctor’s office to schedule an appointment for my physical.  It has been a while since my last one.

The receptionist asked which doctor I wished to see. 

I hesitated.

She paused and asked again.

I said, “uh”!

And she asked, “who do you usually see?”

I said, “I usually see the nurse practitioner. Does she do physicals too?”

The receptionist said that she did and I scheduled an appointment with her for Tuesday.

What was my problem?

Well for starters – I don’t like my primary care doctor – he was just an associate for the doctor I wanted. But that guy retired and this particular guy took over.  There are 2 other doctors at the practice but I rarely see them.

Why don’t I like my primary doctor? Where do I begin?

I don’t feel he takes me seriously. He rolls his eyes and makes comments such as “if I had a magic wand… but I don’t”. I didn’t ask for a magic wand – I want to know what is wrong with me and I want him to find out – and hopefully correct the situation with medicine not magic!

I think there is a sticker on my chart that warns hypochondriac, because no matter what my symptoms may be or how sick I am, he doesn’t seem all that interested.  Do I bore him?

It wasn’t until the doctor was all booked up and I had to schedule with the nurse practitioner that I decided he sucked and I wanted to visit with her all the time.  She treated my sinusitis as chronic and put me on an antibiotic for 3 weeks not 10 days.  I went from having a sinus infection every few weeks to not getting one for the next 2 years! He had attributed everything to allergies.

There are other examples but I won’t go into details. Just suffice it to say that I prefer the nurse over him any day.  She is the one who diagnosed my husband’s kidney infection too.  On his second visit to the office. And he doesn’t go to the doctors for any little thing. She is just good and she is attentive. However, I am dissatisfied with her comment about finding a number and owning it. (about my weight) I am not sure what she meant by that. 

So I will go to the doctor’s on Tuesday.

I need to settle a few things as well.

I had gone to a cardiologist when I had problems with my chest.  I forgot what he said I had.  I need her to tell me what is in my records. Whatever it is, the cardiologist said it was nothing to be concerned about.  But I still want to know what it is.

I also saw a gastroenterologist. I had to have a colonoscopy and I could have sworn he told me I had the startings of diverticulosis. My husband recalls, but when I questioned the test results and discussed it with my primary dr. they told me that it came out good – everything was OK. There was nothing in the report that mentions this disease. My thoughts = ??  So I want to clarify that as well.  I don’t think that is something to take lightly.  I should just call that office and double check with them.  I am ashamed to say – this was over 5 years ago though.

But like I decided when I started this blog – it is time to take control of my health. I need to find out every result of every test I have had within the past 10 years and possibly even have other tests taken – ex. thyroid check.

I will post about my visit next Tuesday – I am sure I will have a lot to say about how the girls just shove me towards the scale and just balance it really fast – regardless if the thing is still teetering – hey I don’t appreciate you adding 2 more pounds than there actually are! Thank you very much!


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