August 3, 2006

Week 3 – Friday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

Posted in exercise, Food, health, Meals/Activities at 11:22 pm by way2much

EXERCISE: did afternoon stretching on my parent’s tile floor in their screen-room! Everyone thought I was nuts (what else is new!)

BREAKFAST: plain oatmeal – 1 cup

LUNCH: My mom tempted me with Syrian cheese and olives and pita bread – I just have to be good and limit myself.

  • I did not limit myself –
  • 2/3 round of pita
  • didn’t count/weigh cheese
  • too many olives
  • grapes and cantaloupe
  • nothing to drink

SNACK: more grapes and cantaloupe

DINNER: I think they are ordering pizza – nothing like NYC pizza!

  • I was good –
  • 1 slice Neopolitan slice pizza
  • 1/2 slice or 1/16 of white pie (ricotti and mozzarella cheese)
  • diet coke

DESSERT: again I was very good! I skipped the donuts! And they looked good! I only had:

  • cup black coffee

SINUS: none

HEADACHE: suprisingly none!

SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: Hubby put in an A/C unit in my bedroom window Thursday afternoon. Don’t recall any (updating on Sat. morning


ACTIVITIES:  Heading to Staten Island



I am visiting my family. First I have to get my son to the barber for a haircut.  I will make a pit-stop at the nursing home and visit my great-aunt. She will be moving into my parent’s house as soon as my sister and her family move out! Before all the switching of the houses takes place my parents and my brother and his family will be going to Florida on Saturday. Therefore, I am visiting them before they go.  They will only be gone a week, but I haven’t seen them in two weeks, don’t want it to get to 3!  (They better not mention my weight again! I never told them I was trying to cut down. But some of my family read my other blog and probably this one too, so they may already know.)

You already know I am obsessed with weighing myself – I weighed myself Sat. morning and I am upset that the scale registers a weight gain! I know I went a bit overboard – but not entirely at lunch – it was all good for you – I didn’t even have one round of pita! Could the olives and cheese have done it?  I didn’t even have the damn donut! OH well.


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