July 31, 2006

Monday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

Posted in exercise, Food, health, Meals/Activities at 12:37 pm by way2much

EXERCISE: morning stretching


  • 1 cup plain oatmeal – nothing added
  • vitamins taken with water


  • 2 slices multi-grain bread – lite
  • 2 tbsp peanut butter – because I need the protein
  • 1 tbsp? jelly


  • consumed before my lunch – cannot move this line because I seem to have a problem editing (copying and pasting or just trying to move a sentence) my post once they are typed.  4 Tsp? macaroni and cheese – not to throw out the remainder of my children’s lunch
  • Minute Maid Frozen Lemonade pop – raspberry – pure sugar 18 grams for a total of 100 calories (2 points WW – if I was pursuing that!) not sure it was worth it. (6:00)

DINNER: unfortunately dinner will be around 8:30 – because we want to eat as a family and my son is at football practice until then. We didn’t manage to eat earlier. Not sure what is on menu – we will run to pork store to grab a marinated something or other to throw on the BBQ.

  • 6 oz. London broil
  • serving of steamed vegetables
  • salad with vinaigrette dressing (greens, onions, tomatoes)


ACTIVITIES: My husband is home – so not sure if we are doing anything as a family – I will be sure to bring any sneakers if we leave the house – he likes to stop at parks and such to walk around, and sandals just won’t work! He is mowing the lawn right now! But that isn’t helping to burn any of MY calories!


  • had a bit of a problem falling asleep
  • had some of the choking/tight chest feeling while still awake but was able to fall asleep with no incident
  • slept through the night (I feel like I am writing about a baby!)


  • around 2:00 took 2 ETH (excedrin tension headache) pills – not sure it is from tension (my kids were arguing as usual) or hunger. My daughter needed it too (one tablet)

SINUS: slight congestion – not enough to take any meds



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