July 30, 2006

I know I am an emotional eater!

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OK – That really didn’t make me feel any better since I just typed it and didn’t actually scream it out loud.

I am so aggravated – I can’t even put into words how I feel.

My kids are fighting like cats and dogs.  I only have two but they can really get under your skin.  It is my son’s first day back from camp! And already they are at it.

I did some screaming and yelling – things I swore before becoming a mom I would never do. I would speak calmly and rationally and tell them they need to settle down – BULL SH[T!

I went off on them.  They are now walking around like someone died. I am frustrated beyond belief. They have been sanctioned to their rooms and they are required to work on their own until I can see floor!

My husband says that I should beat them! We had decided we would spank our children but not beat them or do further physical punishments. But, I just threatened pouring a bottle of soap down my lovely 11 year old daughter’s throat if her attitude did not stop!

My husband would never lift a hand to them.  I am not a person who believes a child should not be spanked – I believe some should be severely beaten (oohh the political incorrectness this post possesses). I do not think disciplining a child is abuse.  Going off on them and leaving marks, scars and bruises, whether physical or emotional is abuse.  A smack on their a$$ or grabbing of the arm is not bad.  I will not get into whether or not it works – it does for me and that is all that matters. I feel a lot better – especially if I finish off with a bag of Doritos!

All kidding aside. I am not hungry, I am actually a 7 on the hunger scale, but sitting at the kitchen table trying to regain my composure, I almost automatically got up to rummage through the pantry and refrigerator to put something in my mouth.  I would have stuffed my mouth until I calmed down.  But instead – I sat at the table, got sick of the idea that crossed my mind and took a few deep breaths. I have a cup of cold strawberry-kiwi lemonade and I took a sip of that instead. It tasted good and refreshing.

Now I must oversee the organizing that is supposed to be happening. But first I will lie down a bit  – as this whole episode got me completely exhausted.



  1. Elaine said,

    I did not rest! LOL
    They both came over to me and apologized and gave me a kiss.
    All is not over though.
    They worked on their room for a bit – that is until the ringing of the phone added to my annoyance! The neighbor!
    I let them take a “break” – after all I can now see their floor, but their beds are missing.
    They then asked if they can go in neighbor’s pool.
    I caved – after all it is over 80 degrees here. Let them get out their energies in the pool.
    I just checked in on them – they are behaving and my neighbor’s (adults) are keeping a good watch on them.
    Perhaps I will check again, and sit and chat with the adults – but for now I am enjoying the solitude.

  2. LMA said,

    ” But, I just threatened pouring a bottle of soap down my lovely 11 year old daughter’s throat if her attitude did not stop!

    My husband would never lift a hand to them. I am not a person who believes a child should not be spanked – I believe some should be severely beaten”

    You are a bad parent.

  3. Elaine said,

    LMA –

    LOL – call the authorities – shame on me.

    You are entitled to your opinion – however the next paragraph states, “all kidding aside” – do you know what that means??

  4. Elaine said,

    Somebody, disable that damn link NOW.
    You have nerve and you are a sick bastard.
    I don’t mind the traffic it sends – but I do mind the method!
    You think Doritos links us? Disable. IT. Now.

  5. Elaine said,

    Attention If I had an Anus and friends,

    I don’t appreciate your joke!
    And for your information – I am NOT a fat chick!
    I happen to be decent looking if I say so myself and I could have you eating out of my hands if I wanted to – no pun intended.
    Butt – have your fun! I can have a sense of humor too.
    Enjoy my blog!

  6. Grady said,

    You just might be getting a little more traffic from this than you realize. Disable the link? You can’t be serious!

  7. Elaine said,

    I have a way of seeing how much traffic I get and where it is coming from. Yes my site has hit an all time high.
    I was a little upset about it since the referrer implies that I am a “fat chick”
    I don’t appreciate the link if it was placed to make fun of me.
    However, after mulling it over – it doesn’t bother me anymore.
    It really doesn’t matter what people think of me – I enjoy blogging and that is that. I hope all that visit my site(s) enjoy it too.

  8. Ashley said,

    you seriously should go and get some help. Kids DO fight, especially siblings and kids HAVE messy rooms, that’s why they are kids. You yell at them, you scream at them- you are their mummy and their model- they will do the exact same and they will think things like that are normal and appropriate. Maybe you feel better if you yell at them, but it doesn’t solve the problem, they only stop because you yell and they might know why you yell, but they won’t understand if you don’t explain and talk in a silent voice. Grab both of them, put them on your lap- each on one site and explain how you feel if they fight like that. Explain them the consequence of a behaviour like that- send them to their room and leave’em there for a while to calm down. Give a warning once and the next time game over and straight to their room. There’s so many things you can do- other then yelling and threatening. Room cleaning- go and do it together with them- depending on the mess it could be just to much and they have no idea where to put it so they need your help. Cleaning up right after playing makes it a lot easier too, so the mess can’t get to big. If they refuse to clean up cut them off in other things (computer,tv,friends…) until the rooms are clean. Trust me, that works. How old are they anyways?
    Oh and by the way- not really fair from your husband to leave everything up to you
    take care

  9. way2much said,

    Thank you for your opinion. My children are 14 and 11 and just too big for the lap! But I do appreciate your advice. This whole post was written in frustration and with tongue in cheek (sarcastic). My kids are good children and I do not beat them – I could count on my hand the number of times I actually swatted them on their behinds as well. Majority of the time I speak calmly and yes, due to the fact that I am human, my voice has risen on some ocassions and I have actually lost my temper. But all in all – I am a good mother and my children are fine, and we are in no means dysfunctional or in need of help!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment – feel free to do so at any time.

  10. Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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