July 28, 2006

Saturday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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ACTIVITIES: Saturday morning I need to head out to Baiting Hollow to pick my son up from camp. I will hit Briermere Farms again. I intend to purchase some dessert to take to my mother-in-law’s. My brother-in-law wants to visit and she is not up to hosting alone.  She just had a full hysterectomy and she shouldn’t be doing much work.  She lives close to the camp so I will pick Dan up, head to the farmstand, and go to my m-i-l’s. I would have to bring a change of clothes for him as I am sure he will be all grimy so he will need to take a shower at hannah’s (what my kids call their grandma).

So my whole dietary plan may go up in the air.  I know I will not be stretching. I should, but I won’t. I will be lucky enough to wake up in time to shower and run out the door to be at the camp by 10:00 for closing ceremony. (It is nice to see.)

EXERCISE: no morning stretches

BREAKFAST: 4 ounce apple juice w/vitamins


  • 2 slices 15 grain bread (4 points on WW)
  • 2 slices ham
  • 2 slices turkey
  • smear of mayonnaise
  • 16 ounce iced green tea (no calories)


  • one sausage
  • peppers and onions
  • hamburger w/bun and one slice cheese
  • small scoop of potato and egg salad
  • one small scoop of macaroni salad


  • one chocolate chip cookie
  • small clementine
  • one oreo cookie – a moment of weakness


  • fruit and almond tea – no sugar/honey
  • 1/12 slice of blueberry cream pie
  • bite of apple turnover


HEADACHE: slight – again I think from humidity/dense air

SLEEP PROBLEMS FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE: went to bed after midnight, but had no problems other than getting up to use the bathroom – I am seeing a pattern with that.

OTHER: throat is feeling better – like swelling has gone down somewhat (if it was swollen)


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