July 28, 2006

Friday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

Posted in exercise, Food, health, Meals/Activities at 1:04 pm by way2much

EXERCISE: no stretching


  • zucchini omelet made with 2 whole eggs
  • 6 ounce apple juice with vitamins
  • 1/16 slice of apple crisp – may be considered 1/12 as the pie was high!
  • Crystal-Lite strawberry kiwi drink – dee-lish!

DINNER: heading to my mother-in-law’s for BBQed London Broil and other goodies.

  • 2 thick slices of london broil
  • 2 small ears of corn
  • salad with fat free dressing
  • popcorn shrimp


DESSERT: I am bringing a peach pie to her house since we cannot eat the whole pie! I will bring some apple crisp for my father-in-law but I will not have any. Problem is if I keep these delicious pies to myself – we will eat them!

  • 1/8 piece of peach pie
  • tea with tsp sugar

ACTIVITIES: monthly bills – always makes me nauseous! that and feminine issues are making me quite bitchy! doncha wanna be me!


  • but woke up once to use the bathroom
  • while lying awake in morning had the choking/closed throat sensation.

HEADACHE: slight headache – no medication though – think it is due to high humidity

  • took two Excedrin tension headache because it is not going away and I hope for it not to get worse (1:30)

SINUS: pressure

OTHER: slight stomach cramping, back pain


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