July 25, 2006

Updates and Revamping

Posted in Updates at 1:05 pm by way2much

It is Tuesday morning – well almost afternoon!

I am upset and quite bitchy today. But that is how I get before my ‘friend’ arrives. See I PMS for about 10 days and I feel worse on those days than I do when I actually have my period. I tend to weigh heavier and retain quite a bit of water.

My wedding ring is hurting me. I already abandoned my engagement ring. If I wear the two together, I get an infection where they sit. Moisture gets trapped in and a yeast infection occurs. That is one reason why I try to have yogurt everyday, especially during one particular week out of the month.

I am sipping some hot black coffee and I need to get in the shower now. My husband would like to take my daughter and I to see the movie “Cars”!  My daughter is 11 but we still love to see those silly G-rated movies.  My daughter and I absolutely loved “Over the Hedge”

But back to the issue of topic of this entire blog: my health.

I decided to change my categories around to include everything. Doctors hate that I say, I have been feeling “-” way for a while and I cannot give them a time frame and exactly how many times a day etc. So therefore I will document everything. Some things may be too personal so I will leave that in an unpublished post, but for the most part things such as sinus pressure, headaches, etc will be posted.

Keep in mind that this is a blog about health and related issues, but I may get a bit personal and blog in a light-hearted way with a few jokes thrown in. I am not looking for reader-ship although I welcome it and encourage dialogue, especially if you see yourself somewhere in here. (In other words, you can relate!) So, if you find anthing gross or offensive, I apologize, but it will all be about the human body and how it functions – properly or otherwise!


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