July 25, 2006

Tuesday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions

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Exercise: slacked off on morning stretches; did evening stretches


  • 4 ounce of Cran-Raspberry juice with vitamins and Tylenol
  • one pancake to finish up my daughter’s syrup – don’t say “gross”!
  • black coffee

Lunch: skipped lunch, but had 3 cheetos at the movie theater! (NOTE: this is not due to my lack of weight-loss this week, it is due to sheer stupidity and the fact that I had breakfast if you would call it that late and was in movie theater for lunch – decided to wait until dinner to eat anything else – which should be soon (5:55 PM – wow is it that late already?)


  • one hamburger w/cheese on a roll – ketchup
  • one hot dog on a roll – mustard
  • pickle
  • mashed potato
  • zucchini
  • cup (because I am THAT sophisticated) of red wine


  • 3 pieces of Cheetos
  • pancake while waiting for dinner! (which happened to be at 8 PM)

Activities: went to the movies – OK so it won’t burn any calories, it was still something!

Headache: slight – due to sinuses

Sinus Pressure:  a definite yes! took Tylenol Sinus in morning

Sleep Problems from Night Before: I fell asleep fast from pure exhaustion but I did wake up 2-3 times with the same feeling of “stopped breathing” not a choking feeling (as when I haven’t fallen asleep yet) but I needed to cough and swallow to get my heart beating again (?) I can’t explain it to good. This all before midnight – after that slept OK (to the best of my knowledge until morning)

Energy Level: not peppy, but not sluggish either




Realized I am not drinking enough water today. Only took a few sips here and there to constitute one glass if that much.


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