July 25, 2006

Tuesday Weigh-in *** Drum Roll Please

Posted in Updates, weight at 11:37 am by way2much

OK – maybe I should wait until Friday….

I don’t think I did too bad this week.

I watched what I ate, I didn’t go overboard, and I cut back on snacking the bad foods.

So – I ask – why did I only lose a pound?!?!?!

My official Tuesday weigh-in after one full week of “dieting” is…

179 lbs.




  1. MissFit said,

    A pound is still a pound, though! Congrats on that! I understand why you’d be disappointed. I’ve been “eating right” for a week and have “only” lost 2 pounds! But I’ll take what I can get! 🙂 Good luck on your weigh in Friday! (Oh, I found your site through a ‘weight’ category link =) )

  2. Elaine said,

    Miss Fit,
    how are you – I think I may have stumbled upon your blog a few months back. I tried to click on it, but it is not available.
    Keep up the good work. Like you said a pound is a pound and what is better than that, but 2 pounds! I was on Weight Watchers and do believe slow and steady certainly wins the race – like the turtle and the hare, CARS the movie proved that lesson as well! But I thought at least the first week would be a big one! Oh well, not letting it get me down – too much!
    Thanks for the support – I appreciate it.

  3. Elaine said,

    It is Friday and I stepped on the scale and it reads 176/177 – it isn’t digital. So it is somewhere between those lines. I guess I should be happy. We will see for next Tuesday’s weigh-in

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