July 22, 2006

Update and questions!

Posted in health, Updates at 9:49 am by way2much

Last night I didn’t have too bad of a time going to bed.  I did have a lengthy conversation with my sister-in-law and the more I talked to her the more I realized I have a ton of stuff on my mind.

My husband and son are coming home from their week-long camping trip and I had wanted to pay all the bills, clean the entire house, go through all my daughter’s clothes in her drawers and closet and get rid of anything she does not wear or does not fit her any longer. I wanted to do the same with mine.

It is mine and my God-daughter/niece’s birthday celebration tonight and I want to get her another little something.

Tomorrow is a picnic my entire family goes to every year.  It is 2 hours away and I am in charge of dip, and dessert!  Ironic!

Since my 2 men have been gone, I have been missing them, and the weather hasn’t been too good, so I was concerned as well.

So all the above have been on my mind and may have caused my “panic attacks” if that is what they are.  I also have sinusitis, but my nose is not congested.  My ears are clogged but when I went to the doctor a few weeks ago he told me they were not infected and to take Alegra D.  He gave me a week’s worth and then said to try Sudafed? I think.  I bought Sinutab. But I still have a backdrip and I do not want to be a slave to meds as I have mentioned in a prior post. So perhaps I am choking on my back-drip but would that give me a feeling of my throat closing up on me? So many questions! Plus, I still “choked” when I was on my side or stomach.

I woke up this morning and my left arm is sore. My right ankle still burns a bit.  I have been doing my lower body stretches, but I have none for my upper body.  I think I took a beating taking out the drawers in my daughter’s room and carrying them across the house to the living room! But it was just so hot in her room!

I think the chicken was a bad mistake – or that I shouldn’t have had the second thigh.  I was so full the whole night through – I felt nauseaus and even though I have not done so in a very long time (years) I thought I was going to throw up. (I didn’t). I wanted to. I thought I would feel a lot better.

This morning I still feel full.  I don’t even want to think of food! But like Kat mentioned in another post, I should eat breakfast, but doesn’t my cup of juice count? Isn’t my body getting enough nutrients from the food that is still in my system? Or is it going to store it as fat? More questions!

I am still weighing myself everytime I pass the scale! – I really need to clear out a spot and hide it in the closet and just bring it out on Tuesdays.  But looks like I dropped another pound. We shall see what happens over the weekend though!


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