July 21, 2006

Friday’s Meal/Activities

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Exercise: Morning stretches


  • 4 ounce Cranberry Raspberry juice w/ my vitamins
  • black coffee (here we go again)

Lunch: TBD

  • 2 egg (yoke and white) omelet with 1/2 ounce diced salami and 1/2 ounce Swiss cheese.
  • black coffee

Dinner: TBD (stick a fork in me! I am done!)

  • 2 pieces of extra crispy thighs (don’t even say it!)
  • 1/2 cup mashed potatoes
  • 1 hot chicken wing
  • 12 ounces of water

Let’s see that is a 925 calorie dinner with 6 or 7 trans-fatty acids 😦

I am full though – 8 on the hunger scale. I just hope this doesn’t prove to be a trigger food. (You know causes a craving for another food.) I also hope it is not like Chinese food – when in a half hour I will be hungry.

Snacks: TBD 1 piece of chocolate Treasure!

Water: 32 ounces

Additional exercise – does typing count!

  • I am cleaning my arse off! Seriously, I am working up a sweat vacuuming and organizing, going through my daughter’s drawers. If you have seen my daughter’s room,  you would know what a task this is! (I normally vacuum/dust daily/weekly as I have a Siberian Husky that has no idea how to hold on to its hair! So this is not a new form of exercise for me – but at least it is something!)



I am lethargic, could be from lack of sleep night before or that I have not put a morsel of food in my mouth since I woke up. I think I will make myself an egg omelet. Tonight I promised my daughter we will get KFC. We steer clear away from fast food usually. The only take-out we order is Pizza, Chinese and Taco Bell!  I hope KFC has something that is not too bad! Yeah like that is possible. I will have to check this out



  1. Elaine said,

    Trans Fat is not at all good for you – but KFC is loaded with it.
    I had fun trying to pick out a menu – well not actually – it was depressing.

  2. ~Kat #8 said,

    Alright, I’m here too! There’s alot to read here. One thing I must tell you is that YOU MUST EAT A GOOD BREAKFAST. Don’t ever skip it. It’s the number one rule in losing weight. Think about it. When you wake up in the morning your body is expecting “fuel”. When it doesn’t get any your body thinks it needs to store up all the extra energy you have. Mainly your fats. So have a piece of fruit every morning. It’s great for energy. Use that fancy separator and switch to egg whites (3 per serving). Don’t forget your dairy. Are you using Skim milk? Try some FF yogurt. And one more thing…STEP AWAY FROM THE DORITOS!!!! After your BDay, no more. Don’t even keep them in the house. LOL Actually, it might be better if you buy the snack size. One little bag = One little serving = One little craving. Not 4 handfuls…you know better! Love you and Good Luck! I’ll be watching you at the picnic. LOL And you can watch me too!

  3. Elaine said,

    Hey Kat,
    You are here – thank you!
    My next blog will be about desperate housewives! Oops not the show I mean stressed-out housewives!
    You will be proud of me – the Doritos are still in the bag and I have not once craved it – I satisfied that last night! But you are absolutely correct, I need the individual bags – otherwise I won’t stop until my hand hits the other end of the bag!
    My omelet really held me over! I am only getting hungry now – 6:00. So it is time to down some transfatty acids. NO – well who am I kidding, I will order a salad but eat one chicken perhaps. Those damn trans fatty acids I tell you!
    I do need to concentrate on a good breakfast – I do know better. I also have to go food shopping – why does the right foods have to cost so much! LOL
    We will watch each other at the picnic! I am in charge of desserts ironically! I was told to bring chips – but my mom has most of it covered – SO I think I will chop up some veggies and bring that instead! It’s crunchy and full of fiber! Sounds good! Oh crud – it is thundering again, looks like dinner may have to wait – yup it’s pouring. (oops I started treating this like an email – I am losing it!)

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