July 19, 2006

Second Day Update!

Posted in Doritos, family support, Food, thyroid, Updates at 12:37 pm by way2much

So far I am doing decently, but it is just the second day of the rest of my life!

I just finished a long conversation with my mom and I realized that my husband never compliments me. On the other hand, he never puts me down either. Don’t get me wrong he does mention that I can do without the food I put in my mouth. He will say something like, “You are only eating that because someone else is” or “You are just eating that because it is here” or “You just have no will power, do you?” He never says it to be degrading, but the mere fact that he points these things out is frustrating to me. But to be honest, I guess I get more upset because the truth hurts. I deny it and tell him he is an ass,  but deep down I know it to be true. Except for Doritos.  I will travel to the ends of the Earth just for a bag of Doritos. But the other things I eat, I consume just because someone else is and they make it look so good!

So I have to be conscious of what I am doing and not grab at food just because I am at a party or meeting or socializing at the pool and everyone else is indulging. I need to work on my will-power.  That is where I struggle. 

So far today I only had a slice of ham and a slice of Swiss cheese rolled up.  I was making my daughter lunch and I had nothing to eat all day – since I was on phone with my mother for a few hours. (These conversations happen sometimes!) Not sure how I will post my meals, whether I should update as the day goes on or save to post it at night. But I do need to document everything. My mother still insists I have a thyroid problem.  (I shrug – who knows).


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